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Sonya is a fantastic 6th grader who lives here in the Verde Valley with her Mom and younger brother. She enjoys sports, likes volleyball and going to movies. Her next birthday will bring her into the "teen years."

She needs a Big Sister. She needs a caring adult who can help guide her through the myriad of choices she will be confronted with over the next couple years.

She doesn't need an expert, just someone real; Someone who can laugh and cry with her. Sonya is seeking a Big Sister who smiles and lets herself have fun.

Sonya says some adults- some kids too, seem to want to be sad or unhappy, they can't seem to see the good things in their life. Sonya says people like that need not apply- she wants someone who knows how to have fun.

Sonya is a well adjusted happy young lady who is standing face to face with her future and could really use some help sorting through the "ins and outs" of her future.

Being a Big isn't really too difficult. In as little as 4 hours a month you could watch this little go a long way.

Imagine the impact of opening your life to a child. Imagine the difference in a child's life when their future is full of options that they didn't know existed.

Imagine yourself making a difference - no, BEING the Difference that matters most in the life of a child- imagine doing all this without changing your life- because it is true - you don't have to change your life to change theirs.

Please call YAVAPAI Big Brothers Big Sisters to see how you can watch a little go a long way. 928-634-9789.

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