Mon, Jan. 27


Graciela is a vibrant, fun fourth-grade Verde Valley girl who knows what she wants. At the age of 9 she has already decided to be a teacher or a pediatrician, and that it is her responsibility to be the family's second momma and protect her younger brother.

She really enjoys her family, and has a very good relationship with her mom, two sisters (she has a twin!), and little brother. Her Mom has done a great job instilling in her children the importance of family, and of helping others.

But this busy Mom wants to make sure her kids aren't held back by their father's absence. A steady, positive, responsible friend can do wonders for a child. She knows the positive impact a Big Sister or Big Couple could have on her kids and hopes the right person pops up soon.

Graciela loves science class, arts and crafts, going to the park, and swimming. Mostly she would like a big to hang out with, someone who makes her feel special - someone she can make feel special too.

She's pretty grown up for a fourth grader, and even wants to get highlights in her hair. Being a middle child and a twin, she wants to stand out and be her own person.

Maybe you have some deep insight that will help guide this precious child as she finds her way down life's path - or maybe you like going to the park; either way you could be exactly what Graciela needs.

You can make such a huge difference in this child's life, if only you take a moment and call to see how easy it is to watch a little go a long way.

Call today: 634-9789.

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