Thu, July 18

Letter: Check's in the mail; VVPOA deserves a second chance


Like all residents of the Verde Villages, I received a letter last week informing of the fact that the Verde Village Property Owners Association may cease operating.

I have deep-seated feeling regarding the association and its past actions involving a former president and board members who saw the association as their own little monarchy. It's nice to see that they have gone away, hopefully for good.

I have a lot of respect for both Gene Carrigan and his wife for their involvement in the community and the good they do. He makes a very good point of the fact that there is strength in numbers. Had the association been stronger a few years back several things possibly could have been prevented.

Many residents of Unit 6 might not be looking down on the roof of a Wal Mart store out their front windows. Verde Villages might have avoided the high cost we are all paying for water and the water rationing we endure while the Cottonwood and Clarkdale continue to issue unrestrained building permits for more new homes.

I also believe there is strength in numbers and I am going to send $25 to the VVPOA in the hope they do things that will preserve the lifestyle my wife and I sought when we moved here 15 years ago. I believe that everyone is entitled to a second chance and for that reason I'm willing to give the VVPOA this opportunity to prove itself. What's to lose? If they fail to live up to their goals and bylaws we can all stop being members next time around. Hopefully many of you will join us.

John & Dianna Wiseman

Verde Village Unit 4