Fri, Oct. 18

Insulators troubling Cornville power

Power was out again in Cornville Tuesday as many kitchens were preparing the Thanksgiving feast. Arizona Power Company's Wayne Ferguson says some customers have blamed the recent Cornville outages on the new power substation, but that is not correct.

The problem this week and two weeks ago is attributed to faulty insulators, which suspend the power cables on the line that crosses the creek from Verde Village into Cornville.

Those insulators were originally installed about 15 years ago when the line was first constructed and rated to be a 69,000-volt feeder line, with an eye to the future. The line was not initially energized at that power, though. It carried only 12,000 volts until recently.

The feeder was finally energized to its planned 69 kV capacity when the new substation came on line and the additional energy could be utilized.

Ferguson says the problem is that at the higher voltage, some of the insulators on the line began to fail, first two weeks ago and then a second insulator Tuesday morning about 11 a.m.

Both insulators are being sent for testing to determine if a faulty batch was installed during construction, but did not fail until the power was increased.

The outage Tuesday affected Cornville and McGuireville. Service to McGuireville was restored within minutes of the failure and service was also returned to Cornville south of the Cornville Road. Customers north of Cornville Road had to wait until the repair was made.

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