Thu, Dec. 05

Mingus teachers endorse 'ZAP'

Tom Parmarter

Tom Parmarter

Mingus Union High School Board candidate Rodney Fielitz might be feeling like the odd man out. While the other six candidates seem to be running as teams - or at least in loose alliances - Fielitz apparently isn't in cahoots with any other candidates.

Teachers at MUHS are endorsing a team of candidates now being referred to as ZAP: Zenan, Agoglia and Parmarter.

Brenda Zenan, Ron Agoglia and Tom Parmarter have received endorsements from teachers at MUHS. The three candidates say they've been endorsed by the Mingus Union Education Association, more commonly known as the Mingus teachers' union.

But MUEA wants some distance between itself and the endorsement of school board candidates. Consequently, teachers at MUHS have formed a political action committee named Taxpayers for Common Sense in Education. That committee has published a campaign pamphlet endorsing ZAP: Zenan, Agoglia and Parmarter.

Chairman of the PAC, teacher David Gray, could not be reached for comment on the committee's agenda. But treasurer Robert Blackford, also a teacher, said, "We formed a PAC, that's all. It is independent.

"This PAC is supporting those three candidates," Blackford said.

"The teachers put out a questionnaire," Parmarter said. "They made the decision they were going to support three candidates.

"I'm not going to promise those folks anything," Parmarter said.

Zenan said, "The MUHS teachers association is endorsing three of us: Zenan, Agoglia, and Parmarter, hence ZAP." She said that she met with Agoglia and Parmarter and the three of them "decided that it might not hurt to campaign some together."

Tom Mulcaire, Mike Mulcaire and John Tavasci are loosely associated as a team running for the board. During an earlier story about the candidates, Tom Mulcaire said that he, Mike Mulcaire and Tavasci "are kind of running as a team.

"We figured if there was ever a chance to make that school what it should be, it is now or never," Tom Mulcaire said.

He pulled back somewhat from the "team" concept when he said, "We kind of all have our separate issues."

But he picked up on the team idea later in that phone interview when he said, "If we as a team can make it better for the kids, that's what it's all about."

Tavasci, on the other hand, said it was not a team effort. He said his only agenda "is to do the best I can for the kids."

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