Thu, April 09

August sales taxes down from last year
Jerome shows only increase in total sales tax collected

With one exception, sales tax revenues throughout the Verde Valley are down from a year ago in both retail and total categories. Jerome is up in total sales tax collections for August compared to the same month last year.

Jerome collected a total for August of $39,495, an increase over $37,738 collected in August 2007. But, like every other city and town in the Verde Valley, Jerome's retail sales tax revenue for August dropped from $15,179 in 07 to $13,596 in 08.

Camp Verde almost held its own with August figures from a year ago. Retail sales tax dropped from $65,522 in 07 to $64,259 for 08. Total sales tax revenue dropped from $190,970 in 07 to $184,999 in 08.

One bright spot in the sales tax figures for August is that Camp Verde is ahead year-to-date over August of last year. The 08 year-to-date total sales tax revenue is $418,587 compared to $385,540 for August year-to-date in 07.

Clarkdale also held fairly close to August 07 figures in total sales tax collections. In August 2007 Clarkdale collected $67,418 in total sales taxes compared with $64,993 for this year. That drop from last year shows up in Clarkdale's retail sales tax revenues for August. This year the town took in $4,653 in August retail taxes, a drop of $3,210 from 07's $7,863, and more than the $2,425 the town was behind last year in total sales tax collections.

Cottonwood dropped in retail tax revenue for August from $513,972 in 07 to $461,523 in 08. Total sales tax collected for August dropped from $816,807 in 07 to $765,788 in 08.

Sedona saw total sales tax revenue for August drop to $1,090,523 for 08 from $1,230,340 in 07.

Retail sales tax also dropped in August from 07's $269,234 to $249,420 for this year.

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