Thu, Jan. 23

Editorial: Odd man out is excellent choice for Mingus school board

If you have bought into the logic that the upcoming Mingus Union School Board election is a choice between two competing teams, then there really isn't much choice in the matter.

TMM trumps ZAP any day of the week.

Just for the record, TMM is John Tavasci Jr., Mike Mulcaire and Tom Mulcaire. ZAP is Brenda Zenan, Ron Agoglia and Tom Parmarter.

TMM has been there and done that.

ZAP consists of two former - and some would contend disgruntled - Mingus employees and a good-intentioned incumbent who's become a classic political flip-flopper.

With TMM, you have a guy with whom education in the Verde Valley is synonymous. Tavasci's record of excellence with both the Clarkdale-Jerome and Cottonwood-Oak Creek school districts is beyond reproach. Heck, they've even named a school after the guy. We should jump at the chance to elect him to the school board. At the same time, we should hold him accountable that, if elected, he is a policy-maker and not an administrator.

With Mike Mulcaire, you have someone whose prior record as a member and president of the Cottonwood-Oak Creek School District was punctuated with honor and integrity. In fact, Tavasci said his immense respect for Mike was the very reason he agreed to run for the Mingus board.

Then there is Tom Mulcaire. Granted, politically, he can be a bull in a china shop, but he has tons of experience, both with Mingus and C-OC. Those who know him best can attest to the fact that while he lacks in political niceties, he has considerable concern for the welfare of the children in our community.

Now ... if you don't buy into this "team" concept propogated by TMM & ZAP, Rodney Fielitz of Clarkdale deserves strong consideration. He is the odd man out in this race and has been largely overlooked because he is not aligned with either team.

Fielitz is a worker, not a talker. With Mingus, he served on the committee that helped pass the bond issue to remodel the school. He most recently was selected to serve as president of the Mingus Connection, the Tax Exempt/NonProfit fund-raising organization for the high school.

Most importantly, Rodney Fielitz is one of those rare individuals who listens more than he talks. He is just the kind of guy you want to serve on your school board.

The odd man out in this "team" school board race is the guy you want to elect.

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