Thu, July 18

Miskiel withdraws from Mingus school board race
He definitely will run again in two years

Mark Miskiel

Mark Miskiel

Mark Miskiel, one of the earliest candidates to enter the campaign for the MUHS Governing Board, has withdrawn his name from the ballot.

Miskiel said in an interview Thursday morning that he has basically three reasons for withdrawing from the race. One is that his mortgage business is down and he is working many more hours, including nights, than usual. Consequently, he said he had to ask himself, "Can I make this commitment?"

Another reason is that he initially had made it clear that he didn't intend to run for the Mingus Union High School Board until two years from this election. But people asked him to run, and at the time that he made the decision there were only two other candidates.

Since then, four other candidates jumped into the campaign. "Now you have a broad palette to choose from," Miskiel said.

He said that a smaller part of his decision to withdraw and wait two years was when John Tavasci, Mike Mulcaire and Tom Mulcaire all three decided to run for the MUHS board. "Tavasci is synonymous with education," Miskiel said.

Miskiel has been actively involved in issues and projects at MUHS. He currently serves on the Principal's Advisory Committee and also the Bond Renovation Committee. He was an active member of the Open-Close Campus Committee, an ad hoc task force appointed by MUHS Superintendent Scott Dunsmore to research and report on issues involved with closing the school's campus during lunch period.

"I'll still sit on committees," Miskiel said. "I'll do whatever I can to be involved.

"Will I run in two years?" he said. "That's my plan."