Sun, Dec. 08

Dirty business: trash and recycling

The city of Cottonwood is moving toward recycling. The council, this week, rejected two earlier bids for waste removal in order to investigate recycling some of the refuse.

Cottonwood currently contracts to empty 94-gallon or similar containers and similar trash receptacles once or twice a week. It has had the same kind of contract for 17 years.

Parks and Recreation Director Richard Faust explained that most of the material disposed through the city includes paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and aluminum and all are items that may be recycled.

The city's retreat specifically called for attention to be paid toward recycling as part of trash collection.

The council agreed unanimously and will now call for new bids that would include collection of recyclables.

The council was not so enthusiastic about a request by Waste Management to increase the dumping rates at the solid waste transfer station, but grudgingly approved the proposal.

The new rates would raise the cost of disposal at the transfer station by a $5 per car load, bring the disposal fee to $21. A pickup or van load would increase to $31.

Mayor Diane Joens, a member of the Stewards for Public Lands, worried that the higher prices for disposal would cause more people to dump their loads on forest land. She did applaud Waste Management for the discounts provided to cleanup groups for mass disposals.

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