Fri, July 19

Sedona Fire District rescues injured hiker off of Faye Canyon Trail

A hiker had to be airlifted to safety after falling off a cliff in Sedona.

Shortly after 1 p.m. Tuesday, Sedona Fire District crews were dispatched to a reported injured hiker on the Faye Canyon Trail off Boynton Pass Road, according to spokesman Gary Johnson. Crews hiked in about a mile from the trailhead to locate the injured hiker midway on a steep slope. They determined the hiker had slid off the trail falling about 20 feet then went over a rock ledge and fell another 20 feet. He had suffered a number of broken bones and had other related injuries.

SFD crews requested a rapid extraction because of the patient's condition and the remote location of the fall. A DPS "Ranger 31" helicopter was asked to help using a short haul technique.

The short haul is used in locations where a helicopter is unable to safely land on its skids. The patient is placed into a Stokes basket for support and stabilization. Then, the patient and a medic are then suspended below the helicopter while being flown to safety. At the trailhead, the hiker was transferred to ground ambulance bound for the Sedona Emergency Center. The injured patient was later airlifted to Flagstaff Medical Center by Native Air.