Sat, July 20

Verde Village elects new board, president

The Verde Village Property Owners Association is held its annual elections during the general meeting Monday.

All nominees for the unit directorships were elected. They include Marty Earl in Unit 1, Ruth

Johnson and Carolyn Paddock for Unit 2, Clark Paddock for Unit 3. John Wiseman will represent Unit 4, Dorothy Vest in Unit 5, Mal Otterson for Unit 6, Chester Rau for Unit 7, and Dale Mortensen for Unit 8.

New president Sheree Earl has lived in the community three years and is enthusiastic about the association.

Earl is the apartment manager for the Christian Care Home on So. 12th Street in Cottonwood and is in the process of opening up a separate assisted-living home.

Outgoing president Mal Otterson say the annual meeting had just a quorum of about 25 participants. That was a pleasant surprise, according to Earl. She hopes to build participation in the community association. "It will be a slow process," she says. "I want to plan a number of different activities. I would like to see the community really pull together, keep it going and be a better place."

Otterson admits that the most frustrating part of being a director has always been getting people to participate. He says the association is planning more community activities, like dances and yard sales, to bring in more income and get more homeowners involved.

The facilities continue to be maintained. The clubhouse was fitted with a new roof two years ago

One community activity is planned on April 24 and April 25.

The Association is opening its parking lot to a giant yard sale. A number of members have already rented space for the big sale. There will also be pizza and soda available.