Mon, July 15

Plea deal offered in teacher sex case
Daniels given more time to prepare her defense

Emili Kay Daniels

Emili Kay Daniels

Emili Kay Daniels has been offered a plea agreement by the prosecution, but that new proposal was not divulged in court, where she appeared Tuesday morning.

The former charter school teacher has been indicted on three counts of sexual conduct with a minor and a fourth count of attempted sexual conduct with a minor.

The alleged affair was uncovered when the school's principal unlocked the teacher's classroom and found the 34-year-old biology teacher and a 17-year-old student at her desk with his pants undone.

Daniels was scheduled for a case management conference Tuesday, but her attorney was not in the courtroom and an associate briefly told the judge that there has been additional disclosure and more investigation is needed.

At last report, detectives were still reviewing text and e-mail messages between the teacher and male student.

The boy told investigators the relationship began last October and became sexual in November. The woman is free on a $20,000 bond.

Daniels has been ordered by the court not to have any further contact with the minor.

Judge Tina Ainley granted a continuance and scheduled a new conference in early June.

State backlogged with teacher misconduct cases

A Phoenix TV station (12) is reporting that the state is backlogged with cases of misconduct between teachers and students.

According to the report, there are only four investigators for a reported 400 cases that have come to light.

The news station had questioned the State Department of Education in one case where a student was killed by a former student in the home of a teacher, who continued to have a teaching certificate two years afterward.