Wed, July 17


It's back-to-school time. For Big Brothers Big Sisters that means an increase in the number of children referred to our program. It also means a dramatic increase in the need for volunteers to become Big Brothers, Big Sisters and Family matches. Being a "Big" is simple, rewarding and fun. It will touch your heart!

Meet Kali, a charming and imaginative 6-year old. She and her younger brother are being raised by their single mom. The family just recently moved to the area. According to her mother, Kali is sweet, loving and unique. Her greatest strength is that she is outgoing and talkative . . . with everyone! Kali loves to play with her dog and go swimming. She likes to play dolls and house. She has a Raggedy Ann doll that she has been attached to since she was a toddler. Raggedy Ann goes with her almost everywhere and she often has long, detailed conversations with her doll in the mirror.

Kali just entered first grade and is good at school. She likes reading chapter books and writing. She also likes to type on the computer. She enjoys coloring and drawing. Kali is outspoken and opinionated and often seems older and wiser than her six years. She often takes on responsibility for her younger brother.

Kali wants a Big Sister who is fun. She wants her Big Sister to know that she has a "good mind."

She wants to be matched with someone that can teach her to ride her bike without training wheels, take her swimming and show her all the things she can do in her new town!

Do you enjoy playing board games? Drawing pictures? Or learning something new? Take the time to be a kid again by becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister to a young person like Kali.

Just a few hours a couple of times a month is all it takes to change a life. Sign up today by calling the Verde Valley/Sedona office of Big Brothers Big Sisters at 928-634-9789 or sign up online at