Tue, July 23

Letter: It's no walk in the park for these dogs


I was there the day that Cosmos was bit by the larger dog. I am sorry for her loss. And yet, my heart goes out to the owner of the other dog as well. I believe the larger dog has been blamed when something unintentional happened.

As I was bringing my dog (also a larger dog) into the dog park that day, Cosmos went running up to my dog. My dog responded by giving warning snaps of her teeth. As a conscientious owner, I intervened and proceeded to move her away from Cosmos.

As I tried to get further into the park where it was less congested, Cosmos again went up to my dog from behind and proceeded to put his head between my dog's hind legs. Again, my dog snapped at Cosmos. I took her to the other end of the park so she could play without interference. In retrospect, I wish I had asked Cosmos' owner to take him into the designated area for small dogs.

However, I would probably have received the same response from her as I got from another owner this last Monday when her Boston terrier kept running into my dog's personal space. I asked her to please move her dog to the designated area for small dogs. She responded, "My dog is used to playing with bigger dogs." I wonder what would have happened if my dog had bit her dog after she was asked to please move her dog into the small dog park? More than likely, my dog would have been labeled as a "vicious dog." And yes, my dog is around other small dogs after there has been an adjustment period.

There is a reason for there being designated areas for the differences in dogs. When the dogs start to run in packs even in play, little dogs get underfoot. And accidents will and do happen. Even I have been knocked down by a running dog.

On Monday, I asked her to remove her dog for her dog's safety and mine. I strived to prevent another accident from happening and she was indignant that I asked her to put her dog in the small dog park. And thanks, Al Ponce, for your prompt response to my phone call on Monday.

I do plan to continue to use the dog park. And I will continue to ask owners of small dogs to please use their designated park. And if you refuse, then please control your dog. I know that going to the dog park is a social gathering but please be as attentive to your dog as you would a toddler. And speaking of children in the dog park, that is another story...

Tracy Preston