Sun, Dec. 15


I think that both Congress and the Obama administration, are missing something important. I believe that what we are seeing is, finally, disgust of and distrust of our government - both parties included.

I think the American people are finally waking up to the fact that our politicians have no respect for our intelligence. I'm hoping that, in the midterm elections, a large portion of voters will forget party and look at voting records, how the candidate is funded, what his or her financial ties are to legislation they vote on. Just the fact that a bill is 1000 pages or more should be enough to raise suspicion. I think most of us would like them to tear up what has been written, come back and start attacking each part of the health care problem with individual bills. I see no reason why a bill has to be over 10-15 pages for, example, tort reform. We can stop frivolous lawsuits without damaging an individual's right to a legitimate suit for malpractice. Portability would be easy if insurance wasn't tied to one's employer. Instead of employers having group insurance, let them set aside, for the individual employee, however much they spend for health benefits (and leave it untaxed) and let the employees get their own insurance. If the employee chooses not to buy insurance then let the company keep the money. That way you know they will purchase insurance.

Health savings accounts could be an alternative. A tax free savings account, strictly for health care paired with a high deductible catastrophic illness insurance that would be relatively cheap. If they are spending their own money people tend to shop for better products. For the 15 million chronically uninsured (the 46 million figure includes illegals, people who could buy insurance but refuse to and up to a possible 14 million who are eligible but have not signed up, for various reasons, for VA benefits, SCHIP or local benefits.

How about opening local clinics, for those who qualify, staffed by new doctors and nurses who will have their government loans forgiven for a certain amount of public service. Those who cannot afford any insurance could be given ID cards to prove they qualify. Like public housing, there could be levels of support depending on income and some might have to pay a small copay. For people who have pre-existing conditions but could afford health care, let private insurers insure all but that condition and then put them on medicare for only that condition. If they can afford it, let them pay a larger copay than normal medicare recipients. No insurance company should be forced to pay for a pre existing medical condition any more than a car insurance company should pay for a car damaged before a policy is taken out.

There are other ways to actually make health care affordable. Turning it over to the government is not it. Stop the incestuous relationship between lobbyists and legislators on all issues. No money should pass between them -none!

So I say let the protesters show their displeasure. Stop this bill dead and start over with transparency for all of us see what is going on and who is doing what. The polls show that a good majority of people no longer trust these guys. If the light is on them they will think twice about what they are doing. If the profit is taken out of it, they may even act in our interests and desires.

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