Thu, April 02

Letter: For Obama, it’s only about the redistribution of wealth


In reference to Gary LaMaster’s rebuttal of my recent letter I would like to say “Indeed, I was referring to the war in Afghanistan” when I intimated that the president might be thinking that “ol’ George” might not be as inept as the Obama campaign professed. He is finding that it was a lot easier to promise that he could manage the war better than Bush than it is to produce the solution. In truth, Mr. Obama wanted no part of either Iraq or Afghanistan but had to appear strong on defense to the American voter. Since the “surge” was succeeding in Iraq, he had to claim that Afghanistan was the “real” war. Now, the president is working on his second “new strategy” since taking office. Not quite as easy, we are finding, as he told us it would be.

Mr. LaMaster believes that the Iraq war was “unnecessary”. He forgets that Saddam told his interrogator that he had intended to make nuclear weapons. Whether they were there or not when we invaded, nuclear weapons in his hands were strategically unacceptable. Iraq had a viable government - was a more potent immediate threat than a weakened Afghanistan. Afghanistan had to be put on the back burner because our politicians clearly do not have the political will to institute a draft - the only way we could provide the resources necessary to properly fight both wars.

Perhaps if Bush had sought a declaration of war on Al Qaeda, the Taliban and all other terrorist groups on 9/12 he could have blunted the efforts of those apologists who blame us for the actions of the terrorists.

But in March, Mr. Obama instituted his first “new” strategy and replaced Bush’s general. Now, as sources say the president is about to announce his second “new” strategy, the president is going to do what he has tried to delay as long as possible - he is going to make the war his own. He has stalled, trying to keep his base intact, until his inaction has become a liability. He knows that, once he announces that he is increasing troop levels in Afghanistan it becomes “Obama’s war,” just as Vietnam became Nixon’s war. The difference is that Nixon welcomed it, intended to bring it to a successful conclusion, whereas Obama only wishes for any conclusion so that he can get back to the job of wealth redistribution among Americans and the rest of the world.

Jim Barber

Camp Verde

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