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Full service pet supply in the Village

Julia O'Kelley

Julia O'Kelley

Village pet owners no longer have to drive out west to supply their pets' needs. We now have an excellent pet supply business conveniently located in the Oak Creek Factory Outlets.

Village Pet Supply guarantees the same quality and service Villagers received from the Sedona Pet Supply store because both shops are owned and operated by the same local family.

Julia O'Kelley is the daughter of Mike and Linda O'Kelly, and it was Julia who initiated the family pet businesses in the area.

The O'Kelleys hail from Colorado where Julia graduated from the University of Colorado with degrees in sociology and marketing in 1997. She then moved on to Minnesota to begin work in the customer service and supply chain division of a large corporation.

During the ensuing seven years, Julia's work ethic and business skills brought her successfully up the corporate ladder. The cost of success, however, was working long hours over six day weeks. The point eventually came when Julia determined that she would prefer to direct her talent and energy to a business of her own.

After extensive research and courses from the Small Business Assn., she decided to combine her business skills with her life long love of animals. When the West Sedona pet business came on the market in 2006, Julia partnered with her parents to purchase it and has since made it a stunning success.

To meet the Village's need for pet services, the next logical step was for Mike and Linda to move to VOC and establish a family store here. They came, and the Village Pet Supply store opened its doors Sept. 3, 2009.

The store features an impressive array of quality pet foods and supplies including special orders. Rescue adoptions, exotic birds, tropical fish and grooming services are also available. Actually, they don't groom the fish.

Motivated by her care for pets, Julia has acquired a comprehensive education in animal nutrition. Customers can count on her products and advice.

Drop by the Village Pet Supply. Meet the O"Kelleys and their knowledgeable staff. Say "Hi" to the birds, and groove on the fish. It is an enchanting venue.

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