Thu, Nov. 21

Letter: This is Bush's war that Obama has to fix


Mr. Jim Barber's letter of Dec 2nd, "For Obama, it's only about the redistribution of wealth," shows a lot of imaginative thinking, but I say it's all hooey. He claims that Pres. Obama has to declare Afghanistan the "real" war so he can show that he is strong on defense. But, isn't Afghanistan the real war because this is where Al Queda was given safe haven by the Taliban, and where it planned 9-11?

He says the war against Iraq was necessary because Saddam Hussein had said he intended to make nuclear weapons. There is no strong evidence that Saddam Hussein was an immediate threat, so the Iraq War was unnecessary. Had Bush & Co. not rushed into this war there would have been enough resources to properly execute the war in Afghanistan. Instead, the troops & allies assigned to Afghanistan were left on the backburner with an ill-defined, under-funded, under-manned and open-ended war.

Critics like Mr. Barber complain that Pres. Obama procrastinated in his deliberations, but doesn't the sending of troops into harm's way deserve care and deliberation? Had Bush & Co. given the same care & deliberation before they rushed into Iraq, maybe we wouldn't have had two wars at the same time, and Bush wouldn't have left us with an unresolved, open-ended war in Afghanistan that now has considerably less public support. Now Obama has to do what Bush should have done instead of going to war in Iraq. This isn't "Obama's War." This is "Bush's War That Obama has to Fix."

As far as Mr. Barber's allegation that Pres. Obama wants to conclude this war so he can focus his attention on the redistribution of wealth; well, maybe it's about time for this because by the time the Bush administration ended plenty of wealth had been redistributed to the bankers, financiers, and other power brokers who mismanaged our financial system. Their golden parachutes got enhanced while thousands are unemployed, losing their homes, and running out benefits, so maybe it's time to redistribute the wealth in the other direction.

Joe Stack


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