Thu, April 09

Letter: Can I be the Andy Rooney of the Verde Valley?


Are we having auditions for “Andy Rooney of the Verde Valley?” I want to try out just like Mr. Jim Barber. I think I am pretty good at simplistic thinking and coming to conclusions that absolutely defy all logic. Here are some of my quips:

1. Afghanistan. I agree with Mr. Barber. Poor Ol’ George! In short order he chased all the Taliban and Al Queda across the border to Pakistan and now we want to blame him because they didn’t stay there? And we want to blame George because he thought everything was OK and he could start another war? That’s not fair, I say. The Pakistan government should have been responsible for doing away with those fundamentalists since they were on their side of the border-not the USA. And now we have to send more troops because the Pakistanis didn’t do their job. I cry foul!

2. Iraq. And again, I agree with Mr. Barber. We had every right to go into Iraq even though no one found any WMDs. After all as Mr. Barber said, Saddam was “probably thinking it anyway” and oh boy, that is scary. As a matter of fact, we should have set this precedent a long time ago-after WWII. If we would have attacked the USSR after we won the war, like Gen. Patton wanted; we could have avoided the whole Cold War. Our guys were over there already anyway and it would have been simple march a country or two to the east. If we would have won that “war after the war” against the USSR, it could have been the USA in Afghanistan during the 1980s instead of the Soviets. Then there would have been no one to train the young rebel Osama in all the tactics he is presently using. Smart, huh? Actually, United States forces are in all the “stan” countries surrounding Russia right now-hmmm.

3. Distribution of the Wealth. I also agree on this one too. That silly Obama, trying to play Robin Hood. I agree with the lady who sent a letter to the White House. She said “No poor person ever gave me a job.” And, as a matter of fact, it’s their fault they’re poor in the first place. If they would have been smart like the CEOs of the corporations that hired them, they could have wormed their way up the corporate ladder too and collect millions of dollars in bonuses. Gosh, any poor person could have done it. Those guys didn’t even have to know how to run a corporation to cash in. Let the company go bankrupt, have the government fix it and still collect. That’s the American way. So stop whining you poor people, you had your chance!

4. President Nixon and Vietnam. Yes, again I agree. I’m sure Richard Nixon welcomed fighting the Vietnam War just like Lyndon Johnson did before him. He said in one of his Watergate tapes “Make no mistake -- I intend to fight the war in Vietnam throughout my entire presidency. I refuse to let American public opinion and a few @#%# protesters get in the way of a great war!” Well, even if he didn’t say it, I’m sure he was thinking it.

Lynda Kuglitsch


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