Sun, Dec. 15

Rimrock man cuts off girlfriend's finger during domestic violence

Ronald Gene Oliver

Ronald Gene Oliver

RIMROCK -- Just after midnight Dec. 12, Yavapai Sheriff's deputies were called to Drifting Sands Road in Rimrock on a family fight report. Deputies were told that 48-year-old Ronald Gene Olivier intentionally cut off a portion of his girlfriend's left pinky finger with a sword.

The 43-year-old girlfriend was hiding at a neighbor's home. Olivier had threatened to kill her and his own 68-year-old mother, who flagged down deputies.

The injured girlfriend was in pain and told deputies Olivier had cut a portion of her finger off with the blade of a sword. He had been drinking beer all day and became upset with her attitude. He then locked both women in a room and threatened to hurt them with the sword if they tried to leave. At one point, he began hitting her with the sword and threatened to kill both of them.

Olivier's girlfriend attempted to escape twice, but because of threats and physical force she was unable. Olivier told her she needed to be punished to earn his trust, so he demanded to cut off one of her fingers. Under threat of death, he placed her hand on a table and cut off a portion of her left pinky finger. When Olivier refused to let her recover the severed finger, she ran to a neighbor's home for help.

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