Fri, Jan. 17

Cottonwood opposes National Scenic Area

COTTONWOOD -- Cottonwood will follow the City of Sedona lead in objecting to Ann Kirkpatrick's Congressional legislation proposal to create a National Scenic Area around Sedona.

The boundaries of that proposed NSA would reach within a mile of Cottonwood limits.

Cottonwood adopted the Sedona wording for a letter to Kirkpatrick in a unanimous vote.

Sedona Council members voted against supporting the legislation by a vote of 4 to 2 on Nov. 18. In a letter drafted by its manager, Sedona cited a "lack of flexibility for the Forest Service, the public, and future generations when addressing land use issues, the council does not support an NSA designation."

The rejection goes on to say that the Sedona Council supports the Coconino Forest Management plan, with the inclusion of Amendment 12, as it pertains to the prohibition of land exchanges for private development.

Finally, the wording sent to Rep Ann Kirkpatrick says that "if legislation is introduced to support the NSA, the council respectfully submits their suggestions for such language."

The Cottonwood Council also included in their letter to Kirkpatrick the same "mark-up" of the bill suggested by the Sedona Council.

The Sedona mark-up would remove vague wording that might be interpreted to allow more restrictions on the 160,000 acres of Forest Land than simply restricting land exchanges.

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