Thu, Nov. 21

Lighting proposed at Mago Statue and Park

Mago Mother Earth statue

Mago Mother Earth statue

COTTONWOOD -- The Tao Fellowship has applied for a permit to light the Mago Statue and the surrounding Earth Park as part of its larger application for a conditional use amendment and design review approval for the Mago Statue itself.

The recent statue placement north of Cottonwood has sparked a wide difference of opinion in the Upper Verde Valley community

Cottonwood Community Development Director George Gehlert says lighting for the facility has been included in the application.

A variety of lighting fixtures are proposed as in the lighting plan for the six-acre property adjacent to SR 89a at Bill Gray Road and the adjacent Immaculate Conception Catholic Church..

The range of 10 types of light fixtures include everything from small path lights with 16-watt bulbs to street pole lighting with 250-watt fixtures. All lighting would be shielded. A total of 103 light fixtures would be installed if the plan is approved. The combined fixtures would have a total illumination of 282,035 lumens. According to city standards, the net acreage of the park would allow no more than 317,000 lumens. The Fellowship recently applied for a permit to provide electricity to the park for security lighting.

The hearing for the application was been delayed because since the large crowd that gathered for the question could not be accommodated in the Public Safety meeting room Monday. The issue will be heard as soon as the city reschedules the hearing in a larger facility.

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