Sun, Jan. 26

Letter: Let's see which promise he finds more binding


If Robert Gates does his duty, and Barack Obama does not, Gates' tenure as Defense Secretary under this president may be one of the shortest on record.

Gates and other top military leaders are warning Mr. Obama that our nuclear warhead arsenal, an integral part of strategic deterrent, needs to be replaced due to its age - around 30 years. The replacement program would cost around $100 billion. With Obama and the Democrat controlled Congress preparing to spend nearly $900 billion (plus nearly $300 billion in interest) on non-critical, but liberal, programs as a "stimulus", this would be a wise choice for part of that money. Consider the Chinese effort to increase their military power worldwide, the Russians threatening a return to the cold war, Pakistan and India rattling their nuclear sabers, North Korea anxious to sell nuclear weapon technology and radical Islam eager to possess it. The Democrat president and Congress are refusing to replace the warheads which they are told may or may not detonate if used. Mr. Obama, according to his rhetoric, believes that (like British P.M. Chamberlain before WWII)

He will be able to solve all disputes with diplomacy. Most political historians view war as the final resort of diplomacy, while some of our radical enemies choose it as the first.

Mr. Obams has made two promises. First, to his left wing base during the campaign was his promise that he "will stop development of new nuclear weapons." The second was when he laid his hand on the Bible and promised to protect and defend the country.

Let's see which promise he finds more binding.

Jim Barber

Camp Verde

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