Fri, July 19

Jerome area assault results in arrest - again

Brenda Gray

Brenda Gray

Last Tuesday, just after midnight, Yavapai Sheriff's deputies were called to a reported knife assault at a house on Perkinsville Road in Jerome.

Deputies found a 66-year-old man who told them his roommate, Brenda Gray, just attacked him with a knife.

The victim said that he was asleep when 58-year-old Gray entered his bedroom and began arguing over property. She left the room but returned with a kitchen knife. Gray brandished the knife threateningly as she argued. The victim wrestled-away the knife but Gray struck him in the face with her free hand. He pushed her off the bed. She grabbed his cell phone and ran from the house. The victim caught up with her and recovered his phone but Gray then continued walking toward Jerome.

Later that evening, a Jerome police officer told the Sheriff's Office that a friend of the victim alerted police Gray had returned to the Perkinsville Road home. The deputy went to the residence and placed her under arrest for one count of felony assault with a deadly weapon. She was booked at the Camp Verde Detention Center.

Earlier, on January 30, the same man had reported the theft of a handgun from his home and alleged that Gray had taken the gun from his bedroom and told police that she could be found at a Jerome restaurant. Jerome Police found Gray at the restaurant, searched her purse and found a .45-caliber handgun belonging to the man. At that time, Gray was arrested and booked on charges of theft, concealed weapons violation, and possession of prescriptions drugs not in her name, found during booking.

On Feb. 5, the victim paid the suspect's bond and she was released.