Fri, Feb. 21

Letter: It is time to obey the law


In response to July 5 letter, "Bear your cross or cross to go":

You do not even get past your paragraph in the statement you made and you remove one of my rights under law -- the right to go into any public part of any public building when open.

You are breaking the law in displaying a cross in a pubic building. You cannot display religious icons of any one religion over another religion or endorse any one religion over another on the grounds of city- or state-owned property. That would be saying Camp Verde is a Christian town -- all non-Christians stay out. That, too, is illegal.

It is not the time for the 90 percent to stand up for their rights. It is time to obey the law. If you don't like the law of the Constitution of the United States, then legally work to change it, don't break it.

I am a tax-paying Camp Verde resident. I served this country in Korea. I volunteered 10 years of my time in the Verde Valley Search and Rescue.

The Constitution of the United States tells us that neither crosses nor any other religious symbols can be on any public buildings. If you break this law, you take away one of my rights. I have earned these rights, and will not give them away.

Calling people names like coward, mentally disturbed, screaming they are going to hell is uncalled for. I was a Catholic for 64 years and would never say that to anyone. We all live in glass houses. I think you should pray for yourself and ask for forgiveness.

Town Manager Mike Scannell took an oath to uphold the Constitution and the law, and I stand by him.

Enough said. Follow the Law of the Land.

Wendell Banks

Camp Verde

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