Thu, July 18

Connecting VVHS and the Good Buy Shoppe

The Verde Valley Humane Society "Pet of the Week" is "Chester," a male Boxer that waits quietly for his new family. He's a big guy and friendly with everyone. His tail wasn't docked so he can wag it feverously as people visit him. That makes him imperfect to some people. Chester will make someone an excellent companion. His adoption fee has been discounted by $20 thanks to a generous donor.

The Verde Valley Humane Society "Pet of the Week" is "Chester," a male Boxer that waits quietly for his new family. He's a big guy and friendly with everyone. His tail wasn't docked so he can wag it feverously as people visit him. That makes him imperfect to some people. Chester will make someone an excellent companion. His adoption fee has been discounted by $20 thanks to a generous donor.

Many of you shop at VVHS's thrift store, the Good Buy Shoppe but there are so many of you that don't realize why the shop is there.

Did you ever know that there was a connection between VVHS and the store? So many people that I speak with tell me that they shop there but had no idea they were helping the animals.

The Good Buy Shoppe brings in the extra money that is needed to care for the animals past the 72 hours holding period required by AZ State Statues.

Stop in the shelter and see how many animals have been impounded for longer than three months, let alone the required 72 hours.

How you help at the store doesn't matter, it's all for the animals. If you volunteer your valuable time it helps increase the sales and lightens the load for other volunteers.

If you shop at the Good Buy Shoppe the revenue comes to VVHS for the much needed care of the animals.

The money is not used to help build the new facility, only special promotions help with that project. Your purchases increase the revenue also.

Now let's talk about when you donate. When you donate your gently used items they are sold and the money is used for the animals.

See what I mean? Anything and everything you do at the shop helps in a very special way. We appreciate anything you do to help the animals.

At this time I am hoping donations will increase. Times are tough on all of us right now but please remember the animals when you are going to part with something. They need your help.

If you need to purchase something check out the Good Buy Shoppe before you buy it brand new. Chances are it will be in the shop for much less than the retail price.

At this time I would like to share a letter that was sent to me by a member of our community.

This fantastic person knew she wanted to help the animals but wasn't quite sure how to accomplish her desire.

So many of you have similar feelings and just aren't quite sure what to do. Please read the letter and you may also find a way to help the animals.

Dear Cyndi:

As you know we met when I came to tour your facility on behalf of the Verde Valley Dog Agility Club.

Another club member and I came to the shelter for a tour and to talk about how our club could help the animals.

I would like to first say how impressed I was at how clean your facility is and what good care you give animals.

As we toured you talked about how the animals needed a new facility because some of the kennels are outside and the animals are exposed to the elements.

We walked outside to see the kennels and I was stunned to see how these animals have to live while waiting their turn to come inside as they wait for a new home.

It was that moment that I felt I could not give that old saying "I just can't go up there and see those poor animals".

I could not ignore this and realized just how much these animals need help. So, when you asked me to consider applying for a position on the board I was honored to accept.

I want to thank you and the existing board members for such a warm welcome to join you as a board member.

Until you asked me to be involved I had not put much thought into how VVHS operates. I always thought VVHS was part of a service provided by the City and thus received funds from the City.

I now understand this is not true and the VVHS is not affiliated with city divisions and only exists through donations, the Good Buy Shop and contracts.

Contracts? What is a contract? I did not understand about contracts either until now. I now understand that contracts are what municipalities pay VVHS to take care of the stray animals.

I also understand that the contract monies brought in is basically for three days of care. After that VVHS absorbs the costs for care.

If the animals are with us longer we have to take care of them solely through donations and the Good Buy Shop.

Since finding out all this information I have since volunteered down at the GBS. I have been working at the back of the store where all the donations come in.

This opportunity has given me the pleasure of meeting and visiting with folks bringing in donations.

I have to tell you how touched I have been by all the folks here in the Verde Valley that brings us donations.

These donors certainly knew a lot more than I did about your operation and what a huge part the Good Buy Shop plays in how you all are able to feed and take care of the animals.

You had told me that the donations had really fallen off at the Good Buy Shop with the economy being so bad.

Can we get that message out to the public and have some type of donation drive? I know that if the folks here in the Verde Valley were aware of the drop off it would make a big difference.

As I volunteer my time you will see substantial changes being made. First of all a sign is being made to make it easier for all of the kind people that help us find our donation area.

Please keep watching, soon you will even see a "Pet of the Week" living with us at the Good Buy Shoppe.

What a fantastic way for people to see exactly who they are helping each day. Weekly some little face will be visiting with the shoppers, volunteers and donors.

The connection between VVHS and the Good Buy Shoppe will be evident to anyone that comes in.

Again, Cyndi thank you for the opportunity to help the animals and be part of your operation. Please feel free to share this with the other board members and anyone else.


Carol Nielsen

Board Member VVHS

As I read Carols' letter I was very touched. Often someone wants to help and just isn't sure how to do it.

She has figured out what she wanted to do and is doing it with all of her heart and energy.

Everyone has their own little niche in life and it can be filled at either one of our facilities. You say you don't have time to volunteer because you are busy painting or doing your crafts that bring money into your own home?

That's your niche; make one for the Good Buy Shoppe. You enjoyed what you were doing and helped the animals at the same time.

So you are a great sign maker? Terrific! We need signs on a regular basis down at the shop. No hurry, just in your spare time.

Honestly there is something for everyone to do down there. Some things can even be accomplished in the comfort of your own home.

Are you homebound except for your weekly trip around town? How about writing thank you notes for us and the shop?

Just bring them back the next week when you head out again. We appreciate all types of things.

I'm hoping today that you understand that we are "sisters" in the community. VVHS couldn't have the standards of animal upkeep that it does if the money didn't come in from the shop.

We are hoping that donations will increase, more volunteers will take on shifts and that you will think of the animals that are so patiently waiting for new homes.

These animals need us. They have no one else. They have been abandoned for some reason or another and it is up to us to take care of them in the manner they deserve.

Come in the shelter located at 1502 W. Mingus and look at the kittens we have at this time. You will be overwhelmed to say the least.

As you look at the overpopulation in the kitten area, watch them for a bit. They are playing and loving on each other, often washing each other's faces and jumping around.

Keep watching these little creatures. I do every single day knowing that we are out of room and that in the very near future I will pick who has to die for no reason other than space.

If you are thinking it won't bother you because you are a dog person, think again. It happens in the dog areas also. It just doesn't happen to be puppy season right now.

Check out how many dogs there are looking out of their cages wagging their tails hoping you have come to find a new friend. Sure he barked at you! You forgot to pet him.

When you do come through our door you may not exactly understand why we need the new facility or why we do what we do.

You may have even been against an additional facility in the past. Facing the truth and the problem just might change your mind.

If you have a heart for animals, I can guarantee that when you leave you will understand everything completely.

The doggie bank is on the counter and all donations are tax deductible.

Those animals will touch your heart. That's a promise from me to you.