Fri, Feb. 28

Letter: These are not friendly skies over Cottonwood


When I wrote my letter on 6/16/09 regarding certain practices at the airport, and in particular planes that fly around in endless circles, I wasn't aware that individuals could make comments about my letter online. Anonymously, I might add.

One individual, who signed using the name "Life Long Citizen," thought that the best thing for me to do was move, and that there were "many people eager to help pack me up." And that I didn't read my CC&R's when I bought my house, and that I should have known better than to buy a house in the airport's flight path. A sentiment echoed by many other comments I received. It was also suggested that I come out to the airport and "visit" with some of the pilots, and maybe they would give me a ride!

Gee, really! Thanks, but considering that just a week later, two people died in their plane on take off, I think I will pass.

By the way, signing your name "Life Long Citizen" doesn't impress me. Cottonwood Elementary School is full of them. But I digress.

Let's clear something up. I didn't buy in the flight path. My house is not in and has never been in the flight path, unless you are flying around in circles.

The day after my letter was printed, I came home from work to find my answering machine full. Some folks had information to share, but sadly, most were horrific stories about circling planes and how they have impacted their lives. Let me add, that not one person I talked to made any issue about normal plane traffic landing or taking off. The issue is, planes flying in circles.

On June 28, starting at 9:24 a.m., a plane flew over my house, then again, then again. I started timing it. It took four to six minutes to complete the circle, and ended up flying over my house 11 times. As I write this letter, a plane just made its eighth trip over my house. They are so loud that with the windows open, I can't hear the TV or radio.

I think it's rather arrogant that so few can negatively impact so many.

According to the Cottonwood Airport web site, a pilot may not practice touch and go until 30 minutes after dawn. Just so you know, the definition of dawn is, "the first appearance of daylight."

Two out of two of the last plane crashes in Cottonwood were planes you build yourself. They were kits! What is wrong with this picture? And yeah, I'm going to say it, at least they didn't kill anyone else when they crashed ... this time.

These are not friendly skies over Cottonwood.

Daniel Meyers


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