Mon, Feb. 24

Letter: I hope he can find that quiet place


I want to apologize to the residents of Cottonwood and Clarkdale, and in particular to Daniel Meyers.

I am sorry for the sounds my airplane makes when using Cottonwood airport. I don't fly in circles often anymore after fifty years of flying, but when I do, it is because the FAA requires that pilots keep current skills and competency.

I am sorry for the noise my son made "flying in circles" which allowed him, after many years of circles, practice emergencies, and actual emergencies, to fly as Captain for the airlines.

I am sorry for the noise the trucks make when passing my house near the Interstate, but I am unwilling to move.

I am sorry for accidental death, whether it be in a swimming pool, on a motorcycle, a car or particularly an airplane.

Mostly I am sorry that anyone disturbed by noise of any kind doesn't realize that noise is part of a free country, where people may choose to do anything they can afford. Most of the pilots I know can't afford to fly, but they do anyway, for the freedom and personal challenge of it.

I am certain Mr. Meyers is a quiet person, obeys the law, doesn't snore or drive a noisy car. There are many quiet places in this world, most of them oppressed by dictators or poverty or temperature like the South Pole.quiet spots on an island in the Pacific or high in the Colorado mountains.

I hope he can find that quiet place someday and finally be at peace.

Bette Bach Fineman

Camp Verde

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