Tue, Feb. 18

Letter: Mr. Meyers well within his right to express concern


Excuse me Ms Bette Bach Fineman but you are wrong!

If this is a free country then Mr. Meyers has all the rights that you do.

He can complain about your reckless disturbance of his peace and quiet.

Further, he might complain about your insensitive Pollution of the atmosphere from the raw fuel that runs from your engines' exhaust.

He might further complain that your noise scares his pets.

He has the same right to be protected from insensitive pilots like yourself, as you seem to think you have to destroy his peace and quiet.

It seems to me that the users of that airport might show a little more consideration for the thousand of residents who have no defense; no way to defend against noise at any time you might wish to take off or land or, fly circles over someone else's home.

Why don't you for example fly straight out for a couple of miles, gain altitude and proceed to your own neighborhood in Camp Verde; maybe fly circles there.

There is plenty of open area still around here to ensure that no populated areas need be flown over at low altitudes during takeoffs or landings or any other maneuver that might be deemed necessary for flight proficiency.

But of course this is a free country, And I don't remember reading anything about common courtesy in the Constitution.

Those of us who do not fly, and those that do, could well benefit from some forethought about flight routes over populated areas.

So MS Fineman, Don't be sorry, be thoughtful and courteous of the rest of us enjoy your flying but not at the expense of the rights of others.

D. Cappi


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