Sun, Jan. 19

Gallery: Festival of Native American Culture 2009

Photos by VVN/Jon Pelletier

Opening ceremonies of the Festival of Native American Culture took place at the Clubhouse in Clarkdale on Friday evening. Organized by the Arizona Archaeological Society, the festival celebrates Native American culture through dance, music, fine arts and film at many locations throughout the Verde Valley this week - the festival wraps up on June 13th with an evening of Native American Dance at the Hilton Sedona Tequa Ballroom. You can check the entire event schedule by visiting

The Yavapai Gourd Singers enchanted the audience, as the Yellowbird Dancers captured their imagination, in a performance at Friday night's festival opening ceremonies.

Plenty Wolf Singers are an ensemble from Denver that use drum and voice to captivate the audience. The group contains a single member from each of the six Native American tribes in Colorado. After performing some truly powerful songs, the group invited the audience to get out of their seats and perform a traditional circle dance around them as they closed out their set. The performances were followed by a series of short films and 2 feature length movies.

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