Thu, June 27

Hendy photographs on exhibit

D'lish Very Vegetarian restaurant will be hosting a four-week show of images by Arizona nature and landscape photographer Ted Hendy.

Ted's images bring a vibrant and fresh perspective to the natural beauty of Sedona as well as other Arizona locations. This will be the first showing of his images in Sedona. Richard Hazen, owner of D'lish, will be hosting an Artist Reception to kick off the show at 7 p.m. on Friday, June 19, at D'lish Restaurant, 3190 W. 89A.

Ted's images are primarily individual photographs, but he will also use digital composition of elements in multiple photographs when he feels it is necessary to express his vision for the image. He was originally a painter who used photography to gather reference images for his paintings, but today he has put painting aside and uses digital photography and manipulation to create the entire image.

"I clearly label my images as Digitally Composited Art when they have elements that were not present during the original capture," Hendy says. He is proud of his photographic images as well as his composited art and feels a duty to his audience to ensure that they know the difference.

One of his unique composited images is called 'Sinagua Sunset.' He captured this image on a hillside near D'lish and it features a just past sunset view from an alcove that once might have been used by the Sinagua. Ted wanted to create the image of a small campfire lighting the alcove. But he felt it was irresponsible to create an actual fire in such a unique site. So he used other lighting techniques and then added the dancing flames from a photograph he took of a campfire in a safe location.

"I could not have created this image with an actual campfire without adding modern carbon residue to the alcove roof, which could harm the historical value of the location," Hendy says.

Hendy will be happy to answer any questions about his work at the reception at D'lish on Friday, June 19.