Fri, Feb. 21

Letter: We need complete review of airport rules and regulations


Finally, the possibility of hearing some good news. Pilots that own planes here in Cottonwood might move to somewhere else. Let me know if I can help you pack.

"Plane owners" on "limited means." Somehow, those two terms don't seem to fit together in the same sentence, but I realize these are tough economic times.

I've known several pilots and they all were "simply joy-riders playing with expensive toys." Not one of them ever flew in a spleen for an emergency operation.

Getting all caffeined up on a Saturday morning, and then flying around in endless circles. Probably never giving a thought to how loud your planes engines are to people trying to enjoy the peace and quiet of the morning, or still trying to sleep. If I were to park outside your house with the car stereo blasting as loud as your plane, you would probably call the cops for disturbing the peace.

So leave. Actually, please leave. And while your at it, take all those student pilots that are "practicing" here at the Cottonwood Airport, with you. In case you weren't aware Mr. and Mrs. John Q, we have, on a very regular basis, student pilots taking classes right above your head. It's called "touch and go" class. Why they are not kept on the other side of the mountain at the "pilots school" is totally beyond me. By the way, "touch and go" includes going around and around in circles also.

You pilots need to know about wind when you take off? Here's a tip I learned as a child. Wet your finger, and then stick it up into the air. Except for the wetting part, it's what I do every time one of you fly over my house. I think it's great you don't have the airport equipment you say you need. It makes it like "bumper cars" in the sky.

I think there needs to be a complete review of airport rules and regulations. I think all fees and rents should be immediately at least doubled or tripled, just because it might thin you out faster. I think that there should be a time set, that unless your plane is on a one-way out, that flying is not allowed until after, lets say 9 a.m.

And last, but surely not least, let's get these student pilots out of our sky and keep them in Prescott where they belong.

Dan Meyers


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