Thu, July 18

New officers elected for Sedona Village Business Association

Kathy Nelms

Kathy Nelms

VILLAGE OF OAK CREEK - The Sedona Village Business Association held its Annual Meeting on Tuesday, May 5, at the Hilton. Special thanks to SVBA member, Hilton G.M. Edgar Lazoya for hosting the SVBA once again.

We had a good turn-out and gained a few new members too. The nomination process and vote on the new Board of Directors was held, followed later by the new board voting on new officers.

I'm pleased to announce your new SVBA Board of Directors and Officers:

• Kathy Nelms - Chairperson

• Tim Byrne - Vice-Chair

• Mark Mumaw - Treasurer

• Tom Graham - Secretary

• Sean Baguley

• Mel Copen

• Judy Hill

• Lori Lo Duca

• Michelle Moore

The board also welcomes Peter Gendron to fill the newly created Executive Director position.

The Board of Directors still meets on the first Wednesday of each month at Sedona Winds, in the second floor meeting room, now at 4 p.m., followed by the General Members meeting at 4:30 p.m. SVBA membership and meetings are open to all interested parties.

The SVBA has grown significantly over the last year and continues to grow in both size and relevance. Many of us that have been involved since the lean days couldn't be more pleased with the progress the organization has made. We've received much positive response from both former members who are back, as well as many newer members of the community.

As I've said many times, participation in your community benefits all and it's truly inspirational to see so many residents interacting through the SVBA and its related organizations. The SVBA sponsored activities continue to grow in attendance with each successive event. Thank you to all who participate and to all who volunteer in our community. Together we can regain our momentum as we recover from a variety of challenges we're all facing.

Obviously the construction is still an issue, especially if you're headed to the City of Sedona, but it does feel as though our area is finally moving on. Seeing the enhancements finally taking shape is encouraging too. Going forward, everyone should be aware of another organization that works closely with the SVBA. The All-American Road Committee (AARC) is actively involved with SR 179 and maintaining its federal status as an All-American Road, which is currently the only such road in the state of Arizona.

There will be a celebration sponsored by the AARC and the SVBA on Saturday, July 4th. Come out and celebrate the Grand Opening of Arizona's only All-American Road with activities up and down the SR 179 corridor, including an official ribbon cutting ceremony at the Tequa Plaza from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.. Scheduled activities include an All-American Road Rally, with classic cars on display at different locations, in addition to kid's events at Tequa and refreshments for all. Please visit for more information.

The All-American Road designation means that the road through our community is officially recognized as one of the most scenic roadways in the entire country. Lets all celebrate our very own All-American Road, on the perfect All-American Holiday on Saturday, July 4th. Come out and see your neighbors and meet the members of both the AARC and the SVBA.

When we all get involved and get to know each other, really great things happen, and together, we all contribute to the overall prosperity of our community. So if you have an interest and you want to get involved, please do so. There are many different organizations that all interact with each other and many have representation in the SVBA. It's great to see so many people getting acquainted both personally and professionally and working together for this community.

It has been my distinct pleasure to serve as Chairman of the Sedona Village Business Association and I am truly pleased to see others carry on the momentum that I had a part in initiating. I will continue as an active member of the SVBA and I encourage anyone interested in interacting with the business community to participate and join our growing organization. I will also continue as the SVBA representative on the AARC and I encourage anyone interested in learning more about our All-American Road, to contact the AARC.

Information about various community organizations and events, as well as information about the SVBA and its members can be found at the ever evolving SVBA website: Of course we hope to see you at the next SVBA monthly meeting on Wednesday, June 2, 2009, or at the next community event.

Thank you for taking an interest in the community. It's been a pleasure writing the monthly SVBA article, thanks for reading.