Sat, Oct. 19

Letter: Parking ordinance in best interests of Jerome


In reponse to your editorial regarding the Jerome Parking Kiosks - Jerome Draft Ordinance Article 12-3, 12-3-1 (as of 10/27/09)states: “The council finds that .... This article is adopted in order to allow a reasonable accommodation between the needs of the visitors and the needs of town residents for parking spaces.”

This is an excerpt from the draft ordinance that would establish Public Parking Fees in Jerome. This can be a great move forward in the preservation of the town. The Town Council is reviewing the ordinance at public workshops. We residents need to make our opinions heard by the Council whether you are interested in having parking Kiosks or not.

I have read the proposed Ordinance and see it as a big plus for the town, benefiting both residents and merchants.

It protects the rights of residents to legally park all over town without being inconvenienced. From what I understand from the ordinance, we will be given free parking permits to ensure our ability to park where we are entitled to.

There are approximately 380 public parking spaces and only 150 are being dedicated to paid parking. I am not concerned at all about finding a place to park uptown or for my guests to find parking without using the paid lots.

Some merchants have expressed reservations stating that parking kiosks will have a negative effect on business uptown. A negative effect essentially means a reduction in profits. The Town is very dependent on sales tax but whatever amount is collected is apparently not enough to repair the town’s infrastructure. I feel that most visitors to Jerome would be willing to help in the preservation of the town that they enjoy coming to year after year. Parking Kiosks should not be looked at as a deterrent to tourism but more like an appeal to join in the restoration of our Town.

As a resident I see that our town is in a state of deterioration and one solution to needed revenue can be the use of parking kiosks. A $2 a day fee is a very reasonable amount to ask of a visitor to the town and just this small contribution by the million and half people that come here can make all the difference to sustaining town for the approximately 350 that live here.

Everyone who lives here, including residents who pay property taxes, is entitled to have a say in how our municipal property is put to use. One of our town’s main assets is our public property, which includes the public parking lots. Let the town property benefit town residents as it should.

Please join in the discussions with the Town Council and let them know what you think about the proposal.

Thank you.

Margie Hardie


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