Thu, July 18

Golden Anniversary for Don and Judy White

Don & Judy White recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a remarkable trip gifted from their eldest son and cheered on by their other children, to Judy's father and grandfather's homelands; Hungary, Austria and Switzerland. Judy's father was born in Hungary and her maternal grandfather's family was from Switzerland. They were married Sept. 4, 1959, in the Lutheran Church of Hope in Phoenix. They moved to the Fort Apache Indian Reservation in 1960, where they resided for 41 year. Don was a teacher and coach with the Whiteriver Unified School District. He taught Junior High and High School he also coached football, baseball and girls basketball. After retirement, he taught elementary Physical Ed for Kindergarten through sixth grade students. Don was one of the first to earn a Masters degree in Indian Education from Arizona State University. After all of their children were in school, Judy became a social worker and family counselor/ educator, first with the White Mountain Apache Head Start Program and then Whiteriver Elementary School. She also taught Child Development and Early Childhood Education classes with Northland Pioneer College. They now reside in Cornville and continue to work periodically with the Whiteriver Public Schools, providing English Language Assessments to the Apache children. The couple has two daughters Kelly and Ray Morris of Phoenix, Ariz. and Christy and Greg Holgerson of Beaverton, Ore., two sons, Mark and Lyn White of Scottsdale, Ariz., and David and Shelly White of Chandler, Ariz. They also have 13 grandchildren.