Mon, July 22


In her letter concerning our "moral obligation" to illegals, Cathey Sigler used the word "we" rather loosely, and as if she were speaking for the majority "we." She does not - as the polls plainly show.

The vast majority of us do not "want and need 'our' illegals." I don't know how many of them she employs, but most of us are not using them to clean our homes and work in our yards and we have long clamored for those who do hire illegals to be punished. Illegals have held down or lowered wages in construction, a key segment of our economy, while driving out our own citizens. Construction was once an industry that less educated or skilled Americans could learn an occupation that, if you were willing to work hard, led to a comfortable, middle-class life.

Are we willing to let immigrant labor into our country when we have an excess of available work? Absolutely. We are willing to give them temporary work visas and allow them to cross our borders legally. While here legally they have access to any health care they can afford, or as every citizen, they have access to emergency care.

Ms. Sigler is wrong. We do not have a "moral obligation" to provide free health care to the rest of the world.

Mr. Obama is wrong when he says his version of "universal" health care is a "moral issue". His moral obligation is to secure our borders. His moral obligation is to be the chief law enforcement officer of our country, as he was elected and sworn to be. His moral obligation is to see to it that his policies do not drive our country into bankruptcy, as they are surely doing at this time. His moral obligation is to gather around him people who have the best interests of Americans at heart - not cheats, communists, socialists and one-worlders who would scatter our wealth and weaken our position as leader of the free world. His moral obligation is not to provide free care to illegals, but to use wise diplomacy and foreign aid to help a country like Mexico defeat corruption and build an economy that will require it's citizens to remain in their own labor force. His moral obligation is to allow the American people the freedom that has made our country the

envy of the world. His moral obligation is to not smother our initiative with government that suppresses innovation under the guise of "fairness." And that, to quote Ms. Sigler, is "the moral thing to do."