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The Birth of ‘Adopt for Life’ Center for Animals

The Verde Valley Humane Society “Pet of the Week” is “Swisha” a very gentle female pit mix. Swisha is very quiet and always a happy girl. Swisha is very friendly and gets along well with other animals. Her adoption fee has been discounted by $20 thanks to our generous donors.

The Verde Valley Humane Society “Pet of the Week” is “Swisha” a very gentle female pit mix. Swisha is very quiet and always a happy girl. Swisha is very friendly and gets along well with other animals. Her adoption fee has been discounted by $20 thanks to our generous donors.

Time passes and the days fly by in the world of animals. Each week when I begin an article for the Pet Corner I often look at columns that I have already used.

This time as I looked back this one became my focus. Do you remember reading it?

Even if you read it before, please keep reading as what was once was a dream is now a reality. Dreams do come true.

On Jan. 15, 2009 the board of directors for the Verde Valley Humane Society made, what I believe is the largest decision in the history of the shelter.

By unanimous vote the pronouncement to begin Phase I of the new Verde Valley Humane Society Adoption Center was made.

V.V.H.S. just like so many other places has been trying to build. Prices have risen over the years and what was once quoted as 1.2 million dollars has risen to over double and triple the figure.

We are beginning our journey without the entire amount of funds needed to complete the project, but we have faith and perseverance in making this happen.

If the decision wasn’t made to begin construction, what would the prices be in another year? Waiting any longer just wasn’t an option.

In the new facility we have made drastic cutbacks, most of which will never be noticed. The animals will still have wonderful living conditions.

These changes were necessary to get the price down to a figure that can be obtained in the near future.

The professionals at Noble Heritage Builders have worked very hard with VVHS, making sure that none of the cutbacks will be undersized for the animals.

The facility will always be “about and for the animals.” They are the focus and reason for the new building.

The decision has been made to construct our new facility by Phases, due to the fact that costs continue to rise and the need is constantly increasing.

Waiting for the total funds needed of 1.8 million is too far in the future. The need is now.

Even beginning with the first half of the building it will be fantastic. Phase I will be the entire first half of the building.

The design of the building is constructed in a rectangular shape, so it will be incredibly easy to divide and continue further construction once Phase I is completed.

This will be a totally functional building, giving us much more space than we have in the existing facility.

The beginning of the building consists of all the administrative areas including a large customer friendly reception/adoption area.

You will find a meeting/educational room complete with animal training capabilities. This room will also be for rent to the public.

“Get Acquainted” rooms also await you. In this area you will be able to meet the animals that you are interested in adopting.

These rooms will be set in homelike settings, not like it is now with only a place outside in the elements.

There will 17 dog kennels in Phase I with 23 more added when we begin Phase II. These kennels will have indoor/outdoor access complete with heat and swamp cooling.

Cat kennels will total approximately 55-65. We’re not playing favorites; it just happens that the cat rooms are in the first half of the building.

You will also see a play area for some “kitty fun.” This area has now become “Auntie PittyPats Parlor” thanks to one of our special volunteers.

If more donations come in than needed for Phase I, we’ll continue construction even further, hopefully completing Phase II.

Phase II will be the completion of the building adding everything else that we planned. Phase III will be the renovation of the existing building.

The cost of Phase I will be approximately $950,000. With our very generous donors helping us achieve our goal we are still going to be short approximately $215,000.

We need your help more than ever, as you can see we are so close! Together we can make this happen.

This is the year of the new “Adopt for Life” Center for Animals. Let’s work together and make this happen.

Now do you remember the column from before? I know that you have read so many about the new facility that it may seem to you that it’s never going to happen.

Just as I promised so many ago, the first place you find out how, when and where is right here in the Verde Independent.

The “Dream” that I have so often spoke about is now a “Reality.” Please join Mayor Diane Joens along with all of us for our gala for the animals of the Verde Valley.

The celebration is on Friday, April 16th at 5:15 p.m. at our new “Adopt for Life” facility located right next door to our existing facility.

The entire community has been waiting for this day for the animals. It’s finally here and we hope everyone can join us.

If you have helped us in any way at all, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please come and see what you have helped accomplish for the lost and wanted animals of the Verde Valley.

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