Sat, July 20

Motorist identifies DUI driver with child

Larry Robison

Larry Robison

CORNVILLE - Another motorist called 911 Wednesday night to report an impaired driver. The caller said that the driver had just struck a guardrail on Cornville Road.

The caller followed the suspect driver until he pulled into a driveway in the 9300 block of Marsh Lane in Cornville.

Yavapai Sheriff's deputies interviewed 48-year-old Larry Robison who admitted driving the truck and also admitted that his 3-year-old son was a passenger from Cottonwood to his Cornville home.

Robison was unsteady on his feet, smelled of alcohol and spoke with slurred speech.

Robison did not complete sobriety tests. Officers also found a loaded .22-caliber revolver tucked in the man's waistband.

Robison was arrested for DUI and the child's mother was called to take custody of the child. During a security check of the home prior to transporting Robison, deputies found a loaded .45-caliber weapon on a nightstand in Robison's bedroom. This gun was in easy reach of the child. Children's toys were seen in this room indicating the child spent time in his dad's bedroom. Deputies also located an illegal "sawed off" shotgun along with other firearms that were confiscated.

Robison's breath alcohol test .30 percent alcohol concentration, three times the legal limit of .08 percent.

Robison is charged endangerment, DUI .20 percent or higher, driving on a suspended license, aggravated DUI with person under 15 in vehicle, and possession of a prohibited weapon.