Sat, Jan. 18

Letter: Legion Riders don’t just ride motorcycles


The Verde Valley American Legion Riders would like to thank your paper for the coverage we received on Saturday, April 17, when we were honored to welcome home two young military men who had been fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan for over a year. The public that came out to wave flags and say thank you, we thank all of you.

The Legion Riders are part of the family that makes up The American Legion. We are all part of a military family in one way or another. The American Legion is made up of men and women who have been in the military, The American Legion Auxiliary is made up of mothers, daughters, wives who work to help the Legion and all military members and their families, with scholarships, community service, volunteer time at the VA Hospitals and so much more. Then you have the Sons of the American Legion, just as the name implies, Sons who were not in the military but wish to do their part in helping our military and their families and finally the Legion Riders are made up of all three parts of this wonderful family.

The Riders don’t just ride motorcycles, they are out to set an example that you can have fun with a passion, while still volunteering their time helping to raise funds for the many programs that the American Legion has. Their main fund-raisers are for the Legacy Scholarship which helps to pay for the education of college age children of military men and women who lost their lives in the War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. Riders from all over the United States work all year to raise these funds, last year raising over $500,000. If they are 5 or 6 now, funds will be there when they need it.

Another run around Veterans Day helps us to help the VA Clinic in Cottonwood, Senior Vets in the Verde Valley, Picnic at the VA Hospital in Prescott for Veterans that are there also the Transition Warrior fund to help those returning from the war zone transition back to civilian life.

We will always be there for our military, to welcome them home, to help them when they need a hand.

We thank the Verde Valley for your support.

Lettie Irons Connell

Camp Verde

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