Tue, Feb. 18

Life after the move

This week after the move and our Empty Bowls event I am going to try and catch everyone up on what’s happening and answer questions that have come across my desk.

The events that have happened over the past few weeks have been incredible to say the least. Never will I forget what has happened in our lives and in the lives of the animals.

Our moving experience was more than I could have ever hoped for. It was painless and everyone that helped made it fun.

The cats were moved to “Adopt for Life” first. We moved them very early that Tuesday morning. They have adjusted very well to their new kennels that have clear backs to them.

You can now view the cats without even entering the room. It’s awesome to observe them without them noticing that we are watching.

The dogs were paraded to our new building. They had no idea what was going on and many kept looking behind as if they didn’t want to leave home.

Swisha who had been with us the longest finally had to be carried since she was hesitant about entering an unfamiliar place.

She is also the first one that jumped her kennel during the night and played “Let’s see how trashed I can get the courtyard before mom gets to work in the morning.”

The dogs are amazingly content in their new kennels. If they choose fresh air and sunshine all they have to do is go to the outside of their kennels and look into the courtyard.

There is a short wall in the center of the courtyard which prohibits the dogs from seeing their neighbors across from them. That has basically eliminated the barking.

That same short wall will soon have a colorful mural painted by the children and artists in the Verde Valley.

Many of you came to the ribbon cutting and even more of you to Empty Bowls. I hope you toured the new facility.

If you didn’t take a tour, you missed the entire back half of the building which is animals. If you only saw us the night of the big event, you really need to come back to visit and see how things normally are.

All of you that have donated to VVHS will be proud of the building that you helped us achieve. In the near future you will be able to see our “Wall of Honor” featuring our dedicated donor names.

Now I am going to answer the many questions that have come my way. If I don’t get to yours in the Pet Corner today, I will in the near future.

Q: Who planned and coordinated Empty Bowls?

A: A very kind lady named Lesley Dawson Briers came to my office one day with the idea of this wonderful event. The entire event was handled by Lesley and her fantastic group of volunteers. Empty Bowls was orchestrated like none I have ever seen. I was amazed and impressed to say the least. Chay Ferro also played a huge part in the planning. From all of us to all of you, thanks to everyone that made Empty Bowls such a huge success.

Q: Do you have any of the handcrafted bowls for sale at “Adopt for Life?”

A: Yes we do. We have a very nice selection for sale at $10.00 each.

Q: We were at Empty Bowls and wondered where you took the animals?

A: The animals were right here in the building. Even with all of the noise and confusion they were on their best behavior.

Q: Will there be another Empty Bowls event?

A: Absolutely! I have been told by many people to wait and see the “Second Annual Empty Bowls.”

Q: I have been calling and leaving messages and emailing VVHS for two weeks. No one even returns my calls or answers the phone. What is going on over there? This is very frustrating to me.

A: The phones and computers have been more than frustrating to us also. The phone lines have been what we will call a mess, for two entire weeks. Even though you were able to leave a message, we have been unable to retrieve them. Please accept our apologies but our work order with the phone company was completed incorrectly. Hopefully as of today things are fixed and we will be able to operate on a normal basis.

Q: Is there a place to walk the dogs at “Adopt for Life?”

A: There is a huge area to walk the dogs. They enjoy romping through the desert out behind the facility. It is cleared just enough for everyone to enjoy their walk.

Q: Is the previous kennel still in operation?

A: Yes it is. All new animals coming in will be in holding over there for their five day waiting period. At that time the animals are moved to the new adoption facility.

Q: Where do I take an animal that I found running the neighborhood?

A: Call your local law enforcement agency and they will pick up stray dogs. If you bring in a stray dog or cat please go in the back gate at VVHS and speak to the tech on duty. The same goes for trapped cats.

Q: Have you had to hire any additional employees since you are maintaining two facilities?

A: We may be hiring one more part-time employee in the near future.

Q: Will you have a sign on the new building?

A: Yes as soon as the funds are available.

Q: Do you still need donations since the new building is completed?

A: Yes, we still owe Noble Heritage Builders Inc. approximately $14,000.00. They were very kind to get us in a position to open with money still due. Please send any donations to VVHS Building Fund at P.O. Box 1429, Cottonwood 86326.

Q: Did you finance any part of the new facility?

A: Not a cent. If we borrowed money we would be responsible for the loan payment. We would never put VVHS in that position.

Q: Will you still need Phase II after opening Phase I?

A: Unfortunately yes we will. Not only does the population steadily increase, so does the number of stray and homeless animals. Now we are experiencing animals having to be surrendered due to no fault of their owners. Homes are being lost, jobs are gone and people just can’t care for their animals anymore.

Many living spaces don’t allow animals which forces people to give up their beloved pets.

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