Tue, July 16

Crews respond to flooding

VERDE VALLEY - Water rose in the Verde River from the persistent rainfall this weekend prompting a scare in Bridgeport and Verde Village. The weather service raised a flash flood watch Sunday and Monday for the Verde Valley.

Crews from Verde Valley Fire were called to the Suburban Trailer Park on Bates Road in Bridgeport when water got too close to some units and some neighboring homes. Some homeowners began to move their mobiles out of harm's way before the high water abated.

Just down river, the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office brought out barricades when water began to cross East Comanche Drive in Verde Village, where homes are required to be raised above potential flood stage.

In Clarkdale, fire crews were called to help one woman on Rio Lane stack sand bags to ward off any flooding from her home.

Sedona crews were called to rock falls into roads.

From early morning until early afternoon Sunday, the Clarkdale Verde River gauge monitored the river rising from 2 to 14 feet and a volume of 16,000 cubic feet per second.

Montezuma-Rimrock crews watched as water rose in low-water crossings on both Wet and Dry Beaver Creek Saturday from the heavy rainfall, raising water in low water crossings.

Merry Shanks of Verde Valley Fire District says fire stations across the Verde Valley have available sand and bags and can assist homeowners who have threats or a history of flood conditions.

It is also a good idea to keep and eye on low water crossings when flash flood conditions are raised. Flooding can occur rapidly as drivers have discovered whose cars or mobile homes were carried downstream.

Slow down when it rains

YAVAPAI COUNTY - Weather-related accidents kept Montezuma-Rimrock Fire District running Saturday on the Interstate 17.

One woman had to be transported to the hospital for injuries after her car rolled over into the median near the Sedona Interchange. She was trapped inside the vehicle.

In a second accident about one mile to the north, another car collided with the guardrail. According to Assistant Chief Dave Niehuis, that driver was not injured, but the vehicle was badly damaged.

No rubber checks, please

CAMP VERDE-Three Yavapai County residents were arrested on charges of attempting to buy a vehicle from the Camp Verde "Park and Sell" lot near Bashas. The problem was that they allegedly tried to use stolen checks for the purchase.

The trio was arrested late Saturday night.

They are 27-year-old Daniel Clay Bemis of Prescott, charged with forgery, criminal possession of a forgery device, theft, use of dangerous drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia, and conspiracy.

Laura E. Levit, 35, also of Prescott, was charged with 2 counts of forgery, criminal possession of a forgery device, and conspiracy,

Nathaniel D. Whisenhunt, 19, of Cottonwood was charged with two counts of forgery, criminal possession of a forgery device, theft, use of dangerous drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia, conspiracy, displaying a fictitious plate, and a warrant out of Mayer J.P. for contempt/fail to complete screen.

All three subjects were transported to the Yavapai County jail for processing.