Tue, July 16

Letter: ‘Nation’s Wealth’ generated through free-market economy


In the Op-Ed by John Lockway 8/4/2010 some things do not match with facts and logic. I realize Mr. Lockway’s intent of vilifying Newt Gingrich, and I have no defense for Newt on his shaky moral standard, and that is the main reason I would not support him, even though I still believe his standards are far above the likes of “BS Bill Clinton” and “Slum Lord Advocate Barack Hussein Obama” only about different matters. That said, let’s get into the economy.

The primary reason “Private Companies” are not expanding, borrowing, and hiring is plain unadulterated “FEAR” and who can blame them; with the uncertainty of the market, Government Regulations and unreasonable taxes. Obama made a statement about the time of his inauguration in regard to stimulating the economy, he said: “There is a time to make a profit, but now is not that time”. I asked then and I am still asking for anyone to show or tell me any one word in the English Language that has more to do with “stimulating the economy” than “Profit”. The idiotic notion of “Soak the Rich” sounds good to people that do not think things through. This Nation would be a “Third World Economy” if it were not for the “Risk-takers” and there would be no Risk-takers without “Incentive” and the primary incentive is “PROFIT”. The “Tax System” that is designed to punish achievement does more to destroy “Incentive” than anything besides “Apathy”.

I have never been a business owner, even though I have explored the possibilities on numerous occasions, and always backed off because I could see that the Government through Taxes, Courts and Unreasonable Regulations would punish me if I were successful, so why go through the hassle. I am happy for those that go ahead and go into business and succeed; realizing a lot of the struggles they have with an overburdening government.

In trying to “Soak the Rich” Bureauc”Rats” have figured a way to “Buy Votes”; these are called entitlements and since there are more people that work for companies than there are that own companies. The bureaucrats reason ‘we can get more votes from the workers so lets drive wedges between the rich and the poor’, and “we can keep people fighting among themselves and not paying attention to what we do by driving wedges between the Races”. Do you think the “Poor” and/or “Minorities” will ever notice they are being led around by Extremely Organized and Rich Bureaucrats? I doubt it.

Government jobs with extremely few exceptions do not, have not and will not stimulate the economy. Government jobs just recycle some of the money, the private sector is the source of creating the “Nation’s Wealth” and this is done best in a free-market economy.

Mr. Lockway, you may not hate Capitalism, but the Socialists you are backing clearly do.

Dale Gohr