Sun, Sept. 15

Jerome residential rental tax exemption removed

JEROME - The Town Council approved several new ordinances during its regular meeting Tuesday night. Two of the ordinances have to do with removing exemptions from the town's tax code on residential rental units.

The council held public hearings before adopting Ordinance 375 and Ordinance 376. The first ordinance removes an exemption in the code for rental property owners who own fewer than three units. Those rental owners will now pay the town's 3.5 percent tax on rent. The ordinance takes effect Oct. 1. The second ordinance will postpone collection of rental tax until Oct. 1 for rental owners with three or more units.

Together, the ordinances will now place the 3.5 percent tax on all rental units in Jerome as of Oct. 1.

The council also adopted Ordinance 374, which amends the town's zoning ordinance to add regulations regarding decks. The Planning and Zoning Commission held a public hearing on this ordinance May 5. The commission subsequently made recommendation to the council to adopt the ordinance.

Ordinance 377 also was adopted to amend the town code and increase certain court fees. The deferred prosecution fee will be increased from $50 to $120. A court enhancement fee will increase from $20 to $27, and a default judgment fee will go up to $70 from the current $50. A warrant issue fee will now be doubled from $50 to $100.

The town's zoning ordinance was amended by the adoption of Ordinance 378, which removes the requirement that one member of the Design Review Board must also be a member of the town council. The Planning and Zoning Commission held a public hearing on this ordinance Aug. 4.

The full council adopted all five ordinances unanimously.

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