Sun, Aug. 18

Letter: Sixth Street best site for city hall


Editor Dan Engler challenged the community to give the Cottonwood City Council their thoughts on a new city hall. So here it goes. Citizens and City Council, hear me out!

I am in favor of a new city hall. The present one does not look like a city hall and city staff that occupies the building are no longer in proximity to most other city departments. But if one is going to have a new city building, first be efficient in design of space and style and second move it out of Old Town.

If the present City Hall was located on Main Street wedged in a strip mall of antique stores and boutiques, I would hope that after careful weighing of location options the result would not be a similar location in Old Town. A location on or near 6th Street where now the City Court, Rec Center, Library, and Public Safety are located seems a logical and desirable location.

City Hall in this location would place it in proximity to many of the other city facilities as well as county facilities. If it is kept in Old Town, I can only conclude that future residents will ask themselves; “what were they thinking of?”

When Old Town was the center of Cottonwood, having municipal offices in the commercial hub of the community made sense. Old Town does to fit the criteria today.

In planning the building, I would consider moving Planning and Zoning out of the remodeled building on Main Street into the new city hall. Since now there would be empty space at the remodeled lumberyard building, I would see if Public Works could be moved from the location on Mingus Extension into the building on Main Street. And let’s not forget the Finance Dept., could it be moved into the new city hall?

Not only were the occupants of the City Hall not addressed at the work session but neither was the size of the new City Hall, There are sites on or near 6th Street that might be available including the Public Safety Building which was designed for a second floor. Several other sites come to mind: behind the Public Safety Building on Aspen and 7th, at 6th and 89A (present location for recycling and owned by the city).

The Phelps and Sons building on 6th Street I believe is for sale. There are other options as well on 6th Street that may available for purchase or trade.

Yes, parking is a consideration, but I don’t believe it automatically rules out any of these locations in favor of Old Town.

If you, John Q. Public, wishes to contact members of the City Council by other venues than a newspaper letter, you can go to the Cottonwood website , hit the heading City Council and then City Council Information which will give you access to every council members e-mail.

Bob Richards