Fri, Jan. 24

Letter: We should limit the Congress to eight years


It is often said and oft repeated, too, that the President of the United States is the most powerful person in the free world. Moreover, yet, perhaps because of this fact, we limit the US President to two, four year terms in office.

It seems to me if we have learned nothing from our corrupt and corruptible political system; we should learn that if we are going to impose term limits upon the President we need to impose term limits on Congress, too.

I can identify no reason why Congress should enjoy unlimited ability to hold office while the Presidential terms are limited.

If we are going to limit the term of the President to a total of eight years, we should limit the Congress to eight years, too.

This can easily be accomplished with an amendment to the US Constitution that sets forth these new term limits and it is long overdue. The GOP [Greed Over Principle] promised term limits in 1994 in their now infamous “contract with [on] America” but, like all politicians, once they had tasted the nectar of power that induces forgetfulness, they did not keep their promise to implement term limits upon themselves.

So, it will be up to we, the voters, to impose this upon them by refusing to vote for anyone, in either party who does NOT agree to term limits as part of their electoral campaign; accepting no excuses if they do not implement term limits; and voting them out of office after one term if they do not accomplish term limits during their tenure.

This is the only way term limits will become a reality. We, as voters, must transcend party and force our elected representatives to adhere to our desire for term limits. This rises above party affiliation. It is not about being a Democrat or a Republican.

It is about being an American and working cooperatively to preserve our democracy under a constitutional republic to force our elected officials to be response to “We, the people”. All of the people, NOT just the wealthy elite, politically connected, or those in corporations committed to the Military Industrial Machine [MIM]!

John A. Bond


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