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Goldenstein rejoices in 'The Color of the Land'

Marilyn Bos’ “Heart of the Canyon”

Marilyn Bos’ “Heart of the Canyon”

Certain places move the soul. In September, Goldenstein Gallery in uptown Sedona will be celebrating the majesty of the scenic world around us with "The Color of the Land."

This riveting exhibition features the magnificent vision of a dynamic group of artists: Landscape painters Peter Myerson, Marilyn Bos, Allen Powell, Patina on Metal artist Lynn Rae Lowe and the spectacular gourds of Romelle Durand. These artists deftly capture elements of the natural landscape and bring them inside.

Peter Myerson's impressionistic paintings are all about texture. A highly acclaimed and internationally collected artist originally from South Africa, his use of vivid color literally calls out and mesmerizes viewers drawing them in and taking them on a journey around the world.

Though his paintings are landscapes they blend the boundaries of abstraction, impressionism and representation evoking a sense of timelessness. He says of his work, " Art is supposed to reflect the times in which it is painted. However, this can lead to the work being contrived, unless one is painting conceptually. More important to me is the ideal of the painting being a reflection of the artist."

Marilyn Bos uses a mix of styles and techniques that represent a synthesis of many years of experience. Her use of layers, often 100 or more layers on a single painting, allows light and shadow to create the essence of what happens with the Red Rocks.

Each painting changes as the light reaches the various layers and the sculpted texture capturing the Canyons of the West and the abstractions of nature. She says, "Painting is pure Joy for me." She began to paint at an early age and found that it gave her a sense of spiritual uplift and helped her to face the challenges of life.

Acrylic and oil painter Allen Powell has a diverse body of work ranging from abstract impressionism to stunningly realistic landscapes that make the viewer feel they are standing in the wilderness. He is fascinated by the line, color and texture of the natural world.

For Powell, a well-known and loved artist, living in Sedona for many years has fostered a profound creativity allowing him to fully explore both the abstract and the literal. Powell's decades of effort have garnered him the vision to see what lies beneath the surface, and the courage and skill to pursue it.

Lynne Rae Lowe's stunning patina on metal landscapes resonate with vibrancy and translucency. Stainless steel, aluminum or copper become canvases saturated with color and dancing with light. Pulsating and energetic, they appear to be lit from within.

"I believe in surrounding oneself with images that uplift the soul and make the spirit dance," says Lowe.  She refers to her work as "inner landscapes." Rather than painting the light, she paints what the light does. Her work aspires to capture the presence of the absolute.

Romelle Durand's gourds evoke the mystery and magic of the Southwest landscape. Inspired by ancient traditions, she deftly each gourd with the landscape around her using weavings or fossils.

All of her organic and sophisticated designs are inspired by nature. The transformation of a raw gourd into an exquisite sculpture is an involved process, beginning with cleaning, carving and painting. The search for embellishments that come from the land - rocks, fossils, feathers, and sea grass are all incorporated into the end result.

The public is invited to meet these engaging artists and other local artists at the opening night reception for "The Color of the Land" on Friday, Sept. 3, 5-8 p.m., during the First Friday Sedona Gallery Association Gallery Tour. There will be live music by the famous Austin Ladd Roberts and a delicious wine tasting.

Goldenstein Gallery is located at 390 N. Hwy. 89A in uptown Sedona and is open daily. Parking is available behind the gallery. Visit to sign up for their informative E-zine released monthly or call 928-204-1765 for additional information.

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