Sun, Aug. 18

Letter: Mosque a tribute to jihad


Mort Kondracke is the latest to jump on the damage-control-bandwagon since the head of the Democrat party, President Obama, took public opinion to task - again - this time over the ground-zero mosque.

Most Democrat politicians are putting as much space as possible between themselves and the president, who has come down on the side of the proponents of building the mosque in the shadow of ground zero.

Kondracke, to his credit, at least doesn’t use the straw-man argument that Muslims have a Constitutional right to build there, since no one has ever disputed that right.

But Kondracke assumes that Americans don’t see the difference between Islam and terrorism. Not true.

But when Feisal Abdul Rauf chose the name Cordoba Initiative for the project, he injected a level of certainty into those who already opposed a mosque at that site.

Quoting Rauf’s website that “the name Cordoba was chosen carefully to reflect a period of time during which Islam played a monumental role in the enrichment of human civilization and knowledge,” those opposed point out that, after the Muslim victory over Cordoba, Spain they celebrated by tearing down the Catholic church and building a huge mosque on the site.

Even some proponents of building the mosque at ground-zero admit that radical Muslims will view it as symbolic of their victory over the infidel.

Muslims, themselves, haven’t helped their own image in this country since 9/11. In a 2007 Pew poll, half of all American Muslims refused to accept that Muslims were responsible for the attacks. Interestingly, native-born Muslims were less inclined to believe it than those born abroad. Apparently, those born abroad have had more exposure to radical tactics.

Other interesting results of the poll showed that 15 percent of those Muslims under the age of 30, and 6 percent of those over 30, found suicide bombings targeting civilians to be at least sometimes acceptable to defend Islam.

Of al Qaeda, 68 percent had an unfavorable view, 5 percent had a favorable view and 27 percent declined to answer the question. That 27 percent who refused to answer the question is a scary number when you consider there are an estimated 2.3 million Muslims in the U.S.

That means that somewhere between 115,000 to 736,000 American Muslims have a favorable view of al Qaeda. That’s a sizable number that would view a 13-story mosque as an appropriate tribute to jihad.

Jim Barber

Camp Verde