Wed, April 08

A little fun

Go around!!!

Go around!!!

Today was a most excellent day; I got a lot of work done this morning and then it was off to the Hilton for Corky and then I ran errands whilst she enjoyed the Welcomers Christmas luncheon. After I finished the errands I still had some time so headed down to the ponds to see what was happening down there. Some new arrivals with Bluebills, Redheads, a few Canvasbacks and more of the northern Mallards. I walked the ponds and got some good shots and as always made my focus action shots. Some evening I'll get out the more serene, but not tonight. My predictions on which ducks would take off first was not very good and since I have a rule to only jump a pond one time I didn't get many that I liked.

One sequence that I enjoyed was of this Widgeon coming in for a landing, gear down and locked, or so it seemed; I checked the photo out a little more and it might be that it was trying to do an emergency go around as the landing could have proven to be its last one. I had hoped that Q would stay home today, but he evidently read my mind and decided to do a little duck hunting of his own ... fun stuff!!

Another busy one coming up and hope your day proves to be as good s ours will be. Always the choice on how you view it.

Take care, be well and Cheers


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