Tue, Oct. 15

Letter: Heartfelt Thanks


This is a very delayed, but most grateful Thank You to the numerous persons who gave so much to my husband, Clark and me this last year. Clark was very ill and passed away June 30th. There are so many to thank. It was an amazing journey of emotions, and learning.

I can’t say enough about the care he received from Family Medical Center, our primary doctor, his urologist, Dr. Campenni, Neurologist Dr. Golen, the many hospital staff doctors, nurses, and staff – my gratitude for such fine doctors especially the neurologist who also spent a great deal of time explaining conditions to me, at Verde Valley Medical Center. Also Northern Arizona Home Care and their staff who came to our home to assist Clark and myself in so many ways, All-Med Equipment that tried so hard to find the most comfortable bed, Yavapai Regional Medical Center X-ray dept., and Mountain View Rehabilitation Hospital in Prescott, and the Verde Valley Fire Department for the numerous times they came to the house and transported him with such care, and Safeway pharmacists. I can’t thank you all enough for the gentle, caring attitudes towards both of us, your patience and your attention to details.

With gratefulness to our numerous friends – old and new – who called, visited, sent cards and food, e mails and requested prayers from so many others. People around the world were praying. I know that was a great comfort to Clark. It certainly was to me.

I know Clark would really thank his best friend who faithfully came when possible to take him to breakfast and Bible study with “the men.” I know he really enjoyed that.

And though at a distance I thank his family and mine for their support and comfort.

Personally, I want to thank those who supported me with their concern for my health also, those that came when I needed a driver or friend to come along, and those that came when things needed to be repaired in the house and still continue to do so

My apology to anyone I left off this list of amazing individuals and organizations or if I seemed distant or angry with any of you. I appreciate each of you so much for seeing us through such a difficult time.

May you all have an especially Merry Christmas and be as blessed in the New Year as we were in this last one.

Margaret Paddock


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