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Spend It Here: A pet is a true Christmas gift of love

Golden Bone Pet Products part owner Angela Windolph has a great selection of pet supplies and products that will make a thoughtful gift for a pet or pet owner. The store is located at 564 S. Main St. (Wingfield Plaza) in Camp Verde. VVN/Philip Wright

Golden Bone Pet Products part owner Angela Windolph has a great selection of pet supplies and products that will make a thoughtful gift for a pet or pet owner. The store is located at 564 S. Main St. (Wingfield Plaza) in Camp Verde. VVN/Philip Wright

VERDE VALLEY - The gift of a pet sends love in two directions, to the person receiving the pet, and to the pet lucky enough to be adopted. And gifts for pets, either to the pet or to its owner, are another great idea at Christmas time.

A pet is truly one of the most thoughtful gifts someone can give to a child, family member or friend. But for the gift to have a happy ending, it really must involve a lot of thought.

Employees at every animal shelter or humane society will tell you that the gift of a dog or cat must be matched to the person who will receive it. Size and breed is important, especially with dogs. Where will the pet be kept, inside or outside? If it is going to be kept outside for part of each day, a properly fenced yard is important. Not many dogs chained in the yard have a joyful look in their eyes.

Will the pet be easy for the new owner to take care of, and that includes exercise, feeding and health maintenance. When it comes to small pets, other than dogs and cats, Jay Pond, owner of Pet Kingdom in Fry's Shopping Center in Cottonwood, said he doesn't want his customers to experience buyer's remorse.

Jay says to consider the age of the child. It isn't a good idea to give a real small child, younger than 5 or 6, a hamster or gerbil because those little critters will bite little fingers.

Whether you are obtaining a pet from a store or a humane shelter, take the time to talk to the people who know those animals. They do a good job of matching up pets to people, and they can give you ideas and advice that you might not have thought about.

When you give a dog or cat as a gift you are doing more than giving a gift of love, your kindness will more than likely save the life of the animal, and also the life of another animal that will then find space in the shelter.

The Verde Valley Humane Society at 1520 W. Mingus Ave. in Cottonwood always has plenty of dogs and cats that deserve the gift of a loving home. Hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

VVHS does have adoption guidelines and fees, so a pre-adoption application is required. New owners must be 18 or older and be willing to provide training if necessary, medical care and lots of love and attention.

For information go online to or call (928) 634-7387.

The Humane Society of Sedona also has dogs and cats available at all times during the year. It is located at 2115 Shelby Dr. in Sedona. The Humane Society of Sedona also has adoption fees and an application process.

An adoption counselor interviews all potential adopters, and individuals have the opportunity to interact with the animals before adoption.

For information go online to or call (928) 282-4679.

A different kind of animal shelter is Golden Bone Rescue & Rehab Inc. Golden Bone rescues dogs only, and the animals are kept in foster homes instead of kennels until adopted. The rescue shelter serves all of Sedona and the Verde Valley.

Golden Bone Rescue is always looking for new homes for adoption of their dogs or for foster care. Adoption requires a fee, interview and application.

For information on Golden Bone Rescue call (928) 567-8994 or go online to or

When looking for gift ideas that allow you to shop locally, don't forget the pet stores and pet supply stores. A lot of pet owners enjoy buying gifts for their pets, and these same people appreciate a gift or gift certificate for their pet.

Golden Bone Pet Products at 564 S. Main St. (Wingfield Plaza) in Camp Verde has just about anything for pets. Angela Windolph and Nadia Caillou are the owners of Golden Bone Pet Products and they are the founders of Golden Bone Rescue & Rehab.

But Golden Bone Pet Products doesn't have pets available. "We sell no animals," said Angela. They do sell products for dogs and cats.

"We carry all natural, holistic foods and treats," Angela said.

The store has a large selection of clothing, supplements, toys, collars, leashes, hiking gear, beds, bowls and grooming products. Angela said the store also has a good selection of pet-related greeting cards.

"We have a lot of holiday clothing and toys," Angela said.

Outside Golden Bone Pet Products, but inside Wingfield Plaza, is an angel tree for donations to Golden Bone Rescue & Rehab. Like all animal rescue and humane societies, Golden Bone Rescue has considerable expenses in caring for the animals waiting for adoption.

A donation to an animal shelter or humane society is a great way to help these animals and share the spirit of Christmas.

Bark N' Purr Pet care Center at 30 Finley Dr. in Sedona offers gift certificates for grooming or boarding. The store also has a selection of toys, leashes and other pet items.

Sedona Pet Supply is located at 140 Coffee Pot Drive in Sedona, and Village Pet Supply is located in the Oak Creek Outlet Mall at 6601 Hwy 179 in the Village of Oak Creek.

Both stores have a great selection of pet supplies and gift items, including a full line of holistic, natural human-grade foods.

Village Pet Supply also specializes in birds and necessary food and supplies for birds.

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